Wrap it for Christmas!!

Sponsor a verse now comes gift wrapped!!

We are so excited to announce that we have made special gifts tags (see image) and beautiful cards that tell the recipient all about the project, with a photo of the Lughuru people, so we can now send your sponsored image direct to loved ones on your behalf.

During this difficult time, many need to hear the Word of God as it brings comfort and strength. Also, sadly, we just can't spend Christmas with as many loved ones as we would normally. I myself know the impact of this too well, with family members alone and feeling isolated during this time, and for many Christmas will only highlight this difficult time we’ve all found ourselves in.

However, the Word of God brings hope, encouragement and light through this dark tunnel. Sponsor a Verse is a way to bless the lives of those we love and yet are not able to see this Christmas. By choosing to Sponsor a Verse on behalf of someone else and selecting the gift-wrapped option on the product page, you can add your own personal message. We will the write this for you on the specially designed tags and wrap it in Christmas paper, then post it on your behalf. Be sure to add the address of the person you are sending it to in the shipping section.

Sponsor a Verse is a gift that gives two ways!!

Your gift will not only bless the recipient but will also help to complete the Bible for the Lughuru people of Tanzania. As you know, the Word is God is alive and active in our lives. During this year, when fear of the virus became real to me and panic began to take over, I was able to hold onto the promises of Psalm 91 with everything I had. I can honestly say that fear did not last long!

When you give to Bible translation, remember, what you are actually givIng are the promises that we stand on everyday for our lives, promises that bring us hope, joy, strength, comfort and more.

Give the gift of the Word of God this Christmas by sponsoring a verse as a Christmas present for loved ones!

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