Meet The Lughuru People

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

This exciting and creative fundraising initiative of the Word for The World benefits the Bible translation project of the Lughuru people.

The Lughuru are from the Morogoro region of Tanzania, East Africa and there are approximately one million Lughuru speakers of this beautiful language.

Since the start of the project, many wonderful resources have been translated, such as portions of the Bible, pamphlets, and chronological Bible stories. By having these resources in the language that speaks directly to their hearts, people have been more open to hearing the Word of God and many have deepened their relationship with God through Bible study groups. All these tools have the power to be used by the Holy Spirit to transform people's lives and support local Christian leaders who desire to see each person come into to a deep, personal faith in Jesus Christ, leading to individual and cultural transformation.

Those of the Lughuru people who have given their hearts to Jesus have experienced dramatic life changes. Some who were known to be heavy drinkers have given up drinking and have greater joy and become more productive in their communities. Many men have grown to care more for their families. This transformation has a tremendous impact on their family and community, encouraging others to also follow Jesus.

Your support makes it possible for these people to delve into the exciting life-changing adventure that is found through God's words and stories found in the Bible by completing the Old Testament and giving the Lughuru speaking people the complete message of the Bible for the first time in history!

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