An Answer to Prayer

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Sometimes an answer to prayer can be a long wait and sometimes it happens all at once. Here is the amazing testimony of how this project began and how God answered more than one prayer at a time, in one seemingly ordinary evening.

Daniel, the UK CEO for The World for the World Bible translation charity, brought a prayer request to his connect group one evening in June 2019. His prayer request was how to raise money for the charity he was now volunteering for part time. Beth was attending the group for the first time and despite not knowing anyone and feeling shy to contribute, however, she felt an idea for his prayer request burning on her heart and shared it that evening. The idea was to allow people to sponsor the translation of an individual verse from a unique people group, and give the sponsor a unique and artistic printed image of the verse in both languages as a gift.

Four months after that meeting, Beth and Daniel were married and Sponsor a Verse began taking shape into an exciting and creative fundraising initiative to raise funds to support the translation of the Bible into the mother tongue of remote communities around the world and to bring them the Word of God. Both Beth and Daniel had been standing on God’s Word for a blessing and miracle in their lives and in that one night God came through for them both in an extraordinary way, in an ordinary moment, and their lives were changed forever - the power of knowing God’s Word became truly evident for them both.

This story shows the importance of knowing God's Word and his promises for us so we can stand on them and have confident hope that he will fulfil his promises for us. Having the Word of God in our mother tongue is something many of us take for granted. Being able to stand on those promises, to know and understand his love for us and what he did for us, and to know him in a personal way through his Word is a treasured gift that has transformed the lives of those blessed to be able to read his Word and understand it in their own language. But for many this is not a reality.

Although I had definitely experienced God's miracles in my life in the 10 years since becoming a Christian, and while all of the miracles were a blessing and a reminder of His love for me, they had not been

the kind of miracles that leave you breathless and in absolute awe of His greatness. A miracle that really knocks your socks off! I had yet to really see an answered prayer for what my heart really desired. However, because of the privilege of having the Word of God available to me, I was able to check if my desires were inline with His will for my life and to fully discover what His promises were for me. This gave me complete confidence to come to Him boldly in prayer, and persistently ask Him. Then when the day came for me to see His promise fulfilled in my life, it was the greatest experience I can ever imagine.

When it came to Bible translation, the term itself didn't stir my heart; it didn't move me, However, once I made a connection between the living Word of God and how he directly impacts and changes people's lives, lifting them out of a pit of destruction, and when I remembered how He had done this for me personally, I began to relate more deeply to it and suddenly it became real to me. Having experienced the power of God transforming my own life through his Word, seeing miracles come to pass that seemed impossible; when I stood on his promises for my life and allowed him to transform me through His Word, I was able to see just how important His Word is for people. His Word really IS alive and active. Hebrews 4:12’ Beth Davies

Sponsor a verse, gives donators something real and tangible they can see and touch to remind them of the impact they have when choosing to sponsor a verse, by understanding that every single verse in the Bible is relevant and important, like a piece of a puzzle, and they all work together just like this humanity which is God's glorious and precious creation, rich in beauty and diversity. Each unique person, each unique community and each unique language is important, relevant and designed by God. We all deserve the gift of knowing him through His Word directly in our own language, a language designed by God to speak directly to us and impact our hearts to fulfil His purpose in our lives.

The World for the World aims to reach these communities and bring them this life-changing gift. There are many stories of people whose lives have been transform forever by his Word. However, there are still many who do not have His Word in their language and therefore cannot fully grasp all that he has for us. So projects like Sponsor a Verse are essential in helping complete the essential task of Bible translation work to bring the Word of God to every language in the world. God says that the people are destroyed through lack of knowledge. Without the knowledge of His Word we can never really see the fullness of all that he has for us in our lives. Hosea 4:6

If you would like to help others to have access to the Word of God in their heart language and see their lives transformed, plus receive a unique piece of Scripture art work to frame as a reminder of the power of the Word of God, then click here to sponsor a verse today!

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